Hela min hejarklack på plats på Mässan


Det var nog därför jag vann, tänk att ni kom dit för min skull. Tack och voff på er.

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Helga & Rudolf Obermayer

21 Dec 2010 11:25

A big hand to “Super Girl” AXA !!!!

We are very proud that GERRO’s charming daughter delivered such an outstanding performance . . . . . a most exciting Christmas present for us down here in Bavaria and all those who know and love AXA.

And what is even more important is that she’s not only good looking but also doing a great and most admirable job in every day life.

We are all convinced that AXA’s greatest achievement is and will be the overwhelming and joyful smile on the faces of her friends and teammates as this smile for sure is compensating for whatever handicap. So we want to send all our love to the charming ladies in the wheelchair and please tell them that they are just looking great and if we should decide they would be our choice for "Best Of Breed" ;-).

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you

Helga and Rudolf


22 Dec 2010 10:54

Thank you Rudolf and Helga for the nice words. Of course we are also proud of what AXA are doing, both in the family, at work, but also at the show. We will be working on so that she will be even better especially in his work.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from AXA with family.


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