Axa nytt profilfoto


Carola matte till Yoda är duktig på att fota mig och mina kompisar, här tycker jag att jag blev riktigt snygg (om man nu får säga så sjäv) :)

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Rudolf Obermayer

24 May 2010 10:21

This photo I like very very much.

So I'm asking your permission to use it on the homepage of Axa's grandfather Scudo.

Thank you and have a nice day


Rudolf Obermayer

24 May 2010 10:51

. . . . . . if permission is granted we would appreciate if you could send the pic in original size.

Thanks and please give a big hug to Axa . . . . we're just impressed how she's doing on her job.

And also congratulations and compliments to all the helping hands working and training her.

You're really doing a great job - what an excellent team you all are.

And it has become a daily habit to us to follow this wonderful blogg. Super !!!!

Take care and love from Bavaria

Helga and Rudolf


24 May 2010 10:57

Thank´s Rudolf and Helga for your nice words, yes Axa is really a wonderful dog to work width. I will ask Carin to senda you the picture.


Mona and Axa


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